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            Changzhou LanXu Chemical Co.,ltd. is a professional customer synthesis and contract manufacturer enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals.

            LanXuchem is consist of several experienced chemists,as well as a Professor, providing solid technology support for deeply excavating in chemicals research.Our lab is equipped with experimental apparatus and analytical equipments for all developing scales.Furthermore, LanXuchem owns a production base loacted in Jiangsu province,which can provide products for customers from pilot production to large scale manufacture.

            Through years of development, LanXuchem has formed a major series of aromatic products, include derivatives of  aniline, phenol ,halogeno benzene, benzonitrile , trifluoromethylbenzonitrile,and Kojic acid series.

            We are dedicated to providing value added service to global customers, and will try our best to meet all your chemical needs.

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